when good people leaves

Ogos 28, 2007

Harini my senior Arshad email aku satu artikel from The Star, When Good People Leaves. Aku pun lagi 2 hari je lagi kat company sekarang ni. I’m definitely not in the ‘Good People’ category, but then reasons for leaving tu yang menarik perhatian aku.

The “nature of the job”. Clever executives want challenges that drive them towards excellence. One little flaw in their character is that they get bored easily. That is why bosses need to consider how they can get the best from their staff. When you expect your staff to do the same job year in and year out, with no “escape clause”, they will leave – no matter what you pay. Remember, the market will bear the cost of excellence.

– Tak sampai 3 tahun kat company sekarang tapi aku dah duduk 4 departments berlainan. 1st sebab tempat lama tu takde post, pindah department lain. 2nd pindah sebab dah boring, aku mintak pindah department wireless, tapi boss aku bagi department lain lak. Last tempat sekarang ni sebab memang dah bosan sangat keje kat Putrajaya tuh. Sangap nak mampus. And next week new company, but with different reason, bukan sebab bosan or whatsoever.

Lack of “succession planning”. If an organisation does not have one in place, the message you give your staff is: “we do not have a career path for you.” This is tough on young, energetic people who have personal goals, including going up the corporate ladder. So if the boss has no plans for the employees, they will find a company that has one.

This one applies untuk perpindahan aku sekarang. Aku tak energetic, tapi still young :P. If everything goes well according to plan, I may still in my current desk for few more years. Tiap kali jumpa orang department lain aku akan promote gila-gila department aku sekang ni, sebab aku rasa ni the best department dalam company ni. Tapi tu laa… 😦

Sayonara TM!



  1. will miss u bro

  2. nak menyibuk gak.. ypur first point applies to me :p

  3. I came to know a few PTD guys in my line of duty.And they act exactly like those execs in Khazanah. As if they are Fortune 500 company staff.The only thing that they are good at is their dining table etiquette.Maybe thats the only thing they learn at Intan.

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